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Litigation & Arbitration

Our experience and pragmatic approach to the very complicated cases enables us to develop and implement effective, efficient and result-driven strategies to the complex, difficult, and often highly sensitive matters our clients confront. Among many other areas, we are particularly very confident and experienced in litigation & arbitration concerning contract (particularly large size construction contracts) related type of disputes; defense industry related types of disputes, public tender law disputes as well as all types of claims involving commercial law.

We are successful because we do not think or work only as lawyers but also as engineers, financiers, business men, and any kind of technical person as the case may necessitate. Our close cooperation with technical experts related to the subject of the  litigation/arbitration always helps us to better understand the merit of the case, to better define the strategy of the lawsuit and thus to strengthen our position towards the counterpart. The time we spend to prepare for a litigation case cannot be compared with others who are offering a similar service.

We do not just litigate but we regularly try to arbitrate cases to conclusion to serve the needs of our clients. Our goal is to provide clients with business-oriented legal advice with practical guidance on the avoidance or solving of problems. In the event a dispute does arise, our goal is first to help the client to resolve the dispute through alternative dispute resolution methods if possible.  If litigation is inevitable, then we represent the client in all court instances and all litigation-related actions, such as appropriate injunctions and other preliminary reliefs and collection of evidences. After a successful completion of the trial, we pursue the required enforcement procedures until the final satisfaction of our client's claim.

We believe that effective representation requires not only specialized arbitration and litigation experience, but also superior case management skills. We have the resources and experience to handle large matters involving complex legal and factual issues, severe time constraints, multiple related cases, and numerous parties, documents and depositions.