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Energy and Mining Law

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Today, there are basically two ways to establish an electricity power generation facility. The first of these is Unlicensed Electricity Generation and the other is Licensed Electricity Generation. The "Autoproducer License", which enables a facility or a person to generate electricity to be consumed by himself, has been abolished with the Electricity Market Law ("Law") that entered into force in 2013. On the same date, another regulation that can be used for this purpose, the "Unlicensed Electricity Generation" path was introduced.
Installation of Rooftop Solar Power Plants (SPP) and Regulations of Related Legislation 02 May 2018
Due to the increase of market share of renewable energy sources and these sources being both environmental friendly and economically advantageous, an important tendency has been observed towards this area in our country recently. Along with large-scale projects, important regulations are being entered into force by the legislator for the popularization of small scaled and rooftop SPPs as well and various resolutions are being published by Energy Market Regulatory Board (“EMRA”).
Solar Power Plant (SPP) Investments with or without License and Legal Risks It Reserves for Investors 27 November 2017
It is well-known that; the cleanest energy source in green energy area is solar power. Because of the high insolation rate and being one of the countries which receive sunlight the most through the year due to the geographic location of our country, investments regarding solar power are increasing lately.
Antidumping Application for Solar Modules Imported From China 18 May 2017
“The Communique for the Prevention of Unfair Competition in Importation No. 2017/6” (“Communique”) was published in the Official Gazette dated 1 April 2017 and numbered 30025. In accordance with such Communique, the below stated rates of strict measure (“kesin önlem”) against damping shall apply on the importation of solar panel and modules imported from China.
Legal Solutions for the Obstruction of the Public Investments on Mining Activities 22 August 2014
Turkey has been known with its potential of mine variety which also attracts the attention of the foreign investors. However, despite several amendments made to the Mining Law numbered 3213 (the “Law”) which came into force in 1985 over years, the mining sector has not developed as expected. Therefore, it was a necessity to remove the loopholes in the Law and find solutions for the problems in the mining sector. In that respect, the Law numbered 5995 which makes significant amendments to the Law was published in the Official Gazette and came into force on June 24, 2010.
Results of Unauthorized Mining Activities 07 August 2014
Today, items such as clay, sand, gravel, limestone, rock, and the aggregate needed in constructions and similar activities are procured directly from agricultural lands by construction companies as a result of an agreement with the owners of such lands instead of construction companies buying the said materials elsewhere. However, since these materials are categorized as mineral under Mining Law, certain licenses and permits should be obtained for such activities. Sanctions to be imposed against a company with regard to its mining activities on a third party’s land without obtaining due mining licenses should be evaluated under Mining Legislation, Law on Soil Protection and Land Use, and Civil Law: