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Foreign Investments

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In case certain criteria of the investments made in Turkey are met, some government assistances are provided in order to encourage these investments. The scope of government assistances and incentives is basically determined within the framework of the "Decision No. 2012/3305 on Government Assistances in Investments" and "Communiqué on the Implementation of the Decision No. 2012/1 on Government Assistances in Investments". The purpose of these assistances is to reduce the current account deficit and imports, to support investments that will provide technological transformation, to support investments in less developed regions, and to reduce regional development disparities.
Lithuania Startup Visa 04 December 2019
This type of visa is specifically planned to select sustainable businesses in the field of technology. Business plans are evaluated by a group of business experts as well as immigration office officials. As this visa program is designed to attract investments in the fields of technology, biotechnology, information technology, mechatronics and laser technologies in Lithuania, only trade and service based business offers will be rejected. Business plans of the applicants will be evaluated based on innovation, sustainability, scalability and other criteria. In addition, investors can bring their families with them from the beginning.
Investment Opportunities In The Turkish Market 08 October 2019
Due to the economic situation experienced in recent years, there occur a lot of advantages for foreign investors to invest in Turkey. Considering its industry base, human capital, infrastructure and geographic advantages, Turkey is a valid destination for investors seeking high long-run returns.
What Are The Conditions for Obtaining a Work and Residence Permit by Establishing a Company in Montenegro? 14 May 2019
Montenegro has received the status of “candidate country” for membership of the European Union and Montenegro is expected to be a member of the European Union in the near future. Montenegro attracts the intense interest of investors due to its developing economy and its close proximity to EU membership. It is possible to obtain work and residence permit by establishing a company in this country which has great potential and advantages. In order to do this, it is sufficient to deposit minimum 1 Euro capital to the company to be established and to apply for work and residence permit following the establishment of the company.
What Are The Required Conditions to Acquire Montenegrin Citizenship? 22 March 2019
From time to time, the decisions of the Montenegrin Economic Citizenship Program (“Program”) and the procedures and criteria for acquiring Montenegro citizenship are shared with the public by the Montenegrin government. In light of recent developments, with the decision published in the Official Gazette of Montenegro no 79/2018 “The Decision on Criteria, Method and Procedure for Selection of Persons Who May Acquire Montenegrin Citizenship by Admission for the Implementation of a Special Investment Program of Particular Importance for the Business and Economic Interest of Montenegro” (“Decision”) has entered into force on January 1, 2019 and will continue until 31 December, 2021. The applications to be accepted in this period are limited to 2000 foreign investors.
Is It Possible to Obtain an E-2 Treaty Investor Visa by Making a Real Estate Investment in America? 22 January 2019
“E-2 Treaty Investor Visa” classified as Commercial Treaty Investor Visa is a nonimmigrant visa given to people who need going to the USA and being there for a while in order to make a significant trade between the USA and Turkey or to manage or develop the business in which he invested a substantial amount of capital.
E-2 Treaty Investor Visa and Its Advantages 01 February 2018
E-2 Treaty Investor Visa, one of the several visa programs in the United States, is an alternative visa program for investors seeking to invest in the United States and obtain work permit. The investor and the investment must have some certain conditions in order to be able to obtain this visa.
Investor Visa Programs and Their Advantages that can be Acquired in the United States of America in Return of Investment 24 January 2018
There are many programs in the United States of America (“USA”) that gives residence permit (Green Card) to people who are specialized on some topics or provides the investor several rights in return of a certain investment. As the Immigration Law is regulated in federation level, a harmony has been achieved between states. These programs are fundamentally categorized depending on whether the applicant has the intention to stay in the country permanently or temporary.
EB-5 Investor Visa Program of the United States of America and Its Advantages 01 November 2017
In the United States of America (“USA”), EB-5 Program is being operated in order to attract foreign investors since 1990 and the visa needed to be taken under this program is called EB-5 Employment Based Visa (“EB-5 Investor Immigrant Visa”).
Advantages of Investment in USA 14 October 2016
Including energy, space technologies, industrial, nuclear medical, medical technologies, construction, defense industry, logistics, textile, tourism, financial services and agriculture, various promotes are applied in almost every area. For now, the USA which is in the second rank in the world about renewable energy investments, aims to double the percentage of usage of clean energy until 2030. For this reason, great conveniences for foreign investors are provided.