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Real Estate Law

Amendments in Accordance with the Law on Amendment of the Land Registry Law and Certain Other Laws 16 December 2019
The Law on Amendment of the Land Registry Law and Certain Other Laws (“Law”) entered into force by being published in the Official Gazette dated 10.07.2019 Amendments pursuant to the Law are as below: Amendments Regarding Land Registry In contracts aiming the transfer of real property, if the parties are present at the different directorate of land registry offices in Turkey and abroad, the contract can be concluded by the officials via deriving the will of parties separately. A notification indicating the reasons of the fault and the share status after the correction will be made to the owners and third party right holders who are adversely affected by the fault arising from the cadaster or land registry transactions. If the concerned parties give their consent within 30 days following ...
Do Neighbors Have the Pre-emption Right in the Sale of Agricultural Lands? 16 January 2019
Legal pre-emption right which is granted to the land owners whose land borders the agricultural lands with the amendments on Soil Protection and Land Use Law no. 5403 (“Law no. 5043”) has a lot of features parallel to the regulations of the Turkish Civil Code (“Civil Code”) in terms of the method and conditions of use of the right in conjunction with its unique characteristic. In practice, it is seen that this regulation which was enacted by the legislator to ensure public interest in an attempt to prevent agricultural lands from losing its functionality and entirety by dividing, creates great problems for the owners.